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Mother's Day "Self-Care" Gift Box


A gift box filled with goodies to pamper yourself (or mum)!

❀ 3 teabags (flavours: White Jasmine for a refreshing and floral cup of tea, Peach Oolong for a fragrant peachy cup of tea, Peace Be With You for a soothing, calming tea before bed.)

❀ 1 scented candle (scent: Sweet Rose, a luxurious treat your senses.)

❀ 1 box of matches to light the scented candle.

❀ 1 handmade natural body scrub soap bar (scent: Chamomile & Shea, a soothing scent as you gently scrub away impurities and revitalise your skin.)

❀ 1 exfoliate cotton soap pouch to keep the soap bar.

❀ 1 bouquet of dried flower bouquet that will last forever!

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