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Peach Oolong • 蜜桃乌龙

SKU: INF-O-003

Peach Oolong brings together Chinese Mao Xie oolong tea leaves, infused with the delightful fragrance of white peach and its essence.

Mao Xie is a unique oolong tea known for its mellow and buttery flavour and is often referred to as "Hairy Crab" in China due to the furry appearance of its leaves. The combination of Mao Xie leaves, white peach, and its essence offers a flavourful and refreshing experience. The delicate and aromatic scent of white peach is infused throughout the tea leaves, providing an exquisite fruity note to the tea.

The combination of oolong tea and the richness of white peach makes Peach Oolong a perfect choice for a relaxing afternoon or to complement a light meal.


10 × 2.5g teabags

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